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Mount Aragats (Արագած) 4,095 metres (13,435 ft) above the sea level.



I am an IT and eMarketing professional with many years of e-Commerce, IT Management, consulting and software development experience. This "Hobby Project" website is just a small addition to the range of many much bigger and serious Internet Ventures that I've developed during my work as an e--Marketing and IT consultant. Actually you can read more about what I do on one of my specialist websites ExpertConsultant at www.expertconsultant.co.uk

Being Armenian I had an idea of developing some educational linguistic software titles, professional Armenian fonts, etc. and even set a small company "Meteor Software". But it was taking too much time and began to interfere with my main work so I've started to pay less and less attention to the Project which eventually got abandoned.

Some of my work now leeds it's independent life on the Internet and I see the examples here and there from time to time. As I mention in my Free Armenian Fonts section, even a derivative designs were created out of it. The low quality of those derivative fonts was actually the main reason that I decided to quickly put a website and provide the Armenian community with the original titles that I still have in my archives.

After my initial Hayastan – Armenian Freebies Website had such a good response, I’ve decided to extend the services to the Armenian Community in the UK and beyond by adding many new options. I do plan to make this Website (time permitting) a leading Armenian portal in the UK.

You can always contact me at hayastan@hayastan.co.uk

I will try to respond but please bear in mind that it might take some time. By the way if you like my fonts or services and want to show your appreciation in monetary form then you are always welcome to send your contribution to the same e-mail address using PayPal.

Mkrtich "Mike" Laziev
October 2009

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