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Harsnakar, **** modern Holiday Complex near Lake Sevan (Սևանա լիճ) in Armenia.


Be Armenian


Typing in Armenian is really easy. You don’t need any special software or fonts. Many operating systems (including Windows) have full support of Armenian alphabet built-in together with both Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian keyboard layouts. I am not going to putt full instruction set in here as it has been published on the Internet many times. For example you can use this extensive resource from the Penn State University.

AT the same time you are not always at your own computer, sometimes you need to use other workstations in the office, Internet Café, Hotel, etc. In this case virtual keyboard might help. Below you can see a text box with the virtual keyboard attached. Click on Virtual Armenian Keyboard icon at the bottom right corner of the text box to see it in action.

This keyboard is a modified version of the Open Source JavaScipt Virtual Keyboard by Brian Huisman. I have added full Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian keyboard layouts to his script and removed number of other languages to make the script “lightweight”. Also the keyboard icon has been changed and Armenian Western is selected as a default language.

You can download and use my own modified Virtual Armenian Keyboard from here. Feel free to use it in both commercial and non-commercial Projects as far as you adhere to the BSD License.

Before we go to the FAQ, check this funny widget from EuroTalk that I have found few days ago. Enjoy and learn some very basic Eastern Armenian! Company is also featured on the Best of UK directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I download the Armenian Virtual Keyboard Javascript?
A. From this Website. Just click here (Armenian Keyboard).

Q. What is the keyboard layout?
A. I used both Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian standard Windows keyboard layouts.

Q. What languages are included in this light version?
A. Western Armenian, Eastern Armenian, US English, UK English and Russian.

Q. Is it easy to use on my Website?
A. Yes.

Q. How do I incorporate Virtual Armenian Keyboard Javascript into my design?
A. I have added a file called armenian.txt to the keyboard archive with short set of instructions.

Q. Is it free to use on the commercial Website?
A. Yes. See the License conditions above.

Q. Can I modify the script?
A. Yes. See the License above.

Q. This is a really useful piece of code. How could I show my appreciation?
A. I do love this question. If you like the Virtual Armenian Keyboard Javascript and want to say “Thank You” there are several ways:

  • Send me an eMail.
  • Put a link to the Hayastan – Armenian Project on your Website.
  • If you want to say “Thank you very much” then the best way is to do it with US$, GBP or EURO. Simply click below and donate with your Credit / Debit Card. All donations will be used for the further development of the Hayastan – Armenian Project.
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