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I have dozens of Websites and they are all hosted on my rented servers. Some of my clients are also buying webhosting from me together with other consulting services. Therefore I’ve decided to extend the Webhosting offer to all my visitors. I have different levels of Webhosting service for you to choose from. Unlike other hosting companies I am working with every client directly to look into their websites and requirements. Therefore there is no set price for my Webhosting and everything is flexible depending on your requirements. Together with hosting I provide full installation services for many special scripts and programs from blogs to full turnkey eCommerce solutions. Have a look below and choose which option is most suitable for you.

Free* Hosting.

I offer to my visitors to host their sites for FREE on any of my two domains: hayastan.co.uk and armenian.co.uk with unique subdomain name. Like, for example, you can have a site like myname.hayastan.co.uk or myname.armenian.co.uk. This offer is ONLY for personal (non-commercial) Websites. You will get full FTP access to your own web directory to upload the files and one eMail redirection from yourname@hayastan.co.uk or yourname@armenian.org.uk to any address specified.
There is a one-off fee of GBP 5 (or US$ 10) as all setup should be done by me manually.

Please note. For charities the fee is waved. Please contact me for more details.

If you require I could install and do initial configuration for the following scripts:
Blogs: b2evolution, Nucleus, WordPress
Content Management: Drupal, Geeklog, Joomla 1.5, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, phpWCMS, phpWebSite, Siteframe, TYPO3, Xoops, Zikula

Each installation work would cost GBP 10 (or US$ 20).

There is absolutely no monthly charge whatsoever. I wouldn’t be able to provide any free support but we could work something out if needed.

Commercial Subdomain Hosting

Same as above but for commercial companies. Just imagine getting yourself a website like shop.armenian.org.uk and what implication it would have on your Search Engine rating. You would also get 5 eMail addresses or redirections like info@myshop.armenian.org.uk.

Initial setup cost is GBP 10 (US$ 20). Monthly cost would depend on a type of business and server requirements. But for an average site it should be in the range of about GBP 5 (US$10). In addition to the scripts, mentioned above, you could get the following installed and initially configured by me:

E-Commerce: CubeCart, OS Commerce, Zen Cart
Customer Relationship: Crafty Syntax Live Help, Help Center Live, osTicket, PerlDesk, PHP Support Tickets, Support Logic Helpdesk, Support Services Manager

Each installation work would cost GBP 10 (or US$ 20).

Any promotion, eMarketing and SEO optimisation could also be arranged. You can rest assured, that it would be handled by one of the leading professionals in the UK.

With this package eMail support is included.

Domain Hosting

This is the most advanced option. Bring in your own domain and I would host it on one of my servers. You would get full cPanel and Fantastico with unlimited eMails and unlimited subdomains for your own domain. Click to register your .am domain or .ge domain

I can also do all installations and configurations for you and help you through all your eCommerce needs. Unlike other webhosting companies I would work with you not only as a website host but also as a consultant if needed. Please contact me with your requirements.

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